Welcome to WellWorks!

We are Ohio University’s wellness program.


We believe good health should be an attainable goal for everyone. WellWorks is an environment that’s inviting, not intimidating.

We offer a wide array of wellness services to Ohio University employees as well as the surrounding area. From massage to nutrition to personal training, we have your wellness needs covered. WellWorks is more than just a fitness center — we’re a health and wellness facility. As a member you receive access to our fitness center, group exercise classes, and personal trainers. Membership is not required to enjoy our massage and nutrition services and special events.

Group Fitness

Awesome fitness classes, cleverly disguised as fun. With so many different classes and a wide variety of days and times offered, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with our group exercise program. Our instructors will coach and motivate you to maximize your workout and have a great time doing it. Try one or all of our classes because group fitness is included with your membership.


You deserve a massage. We are the licensed massage therapists at WellWorks and we take what we do seriously. We can help you get relief from muscle pain and soreness, alleviate stress, and detoxify—both mentally and physically.


The world of nutrition can seem so complex and confusing. Let our nutrition department simplify it for you. We provide a number of educational opportunities, including individual nutrition counseling, group nutrition classes, nutrition and wellness programs, presentations, and workshops. Counseling is available for individuals and families, and can help you meet your goals for weight loss/gain, optimal athletic performance, chronic disease management, eating disorders and other health conditions.

Personal Training

Take your workout to the next level with a personal trainer. Whether you’re new to the gym, not getting the results you want, or need some help with accountability, our certified personal trainers will customize a fitness plan based on your goals and lifestyle.